Ellman Surgitron versus Lasers: Which is Best?

I am glad you have done your homework and have asked this important question about the use of lasers in aesthetic vaginal surgery.  I have performed labiaplasty many ways. I have switched from the lasers to a more precise instrument called the Ellman Surgitron. I did this because of the gorgeous results,  increased precision, and decreased tissue damage when compared to a knife, laser, or regular cautery unit. The magnitude of safety is superior. There are no stray laser beams that may burn you. The tip is “cool” and precise. The Ellman Surgitron measures tissue destruction at the micron level unlike the Yag or 980 Diode laser that measures it in millimeters. Because it is such a safe and precise instrument I am able to perform labiaplasties in my office, under local anesthesia, quite successfully. That saves you thousands of dollars! There is no hospital cost, no anesthesiologist to pay. Although the term “laser vaginal rejuvenation” sounds quite catchy, it is strictly a marketing term.  There is no advantage to the use oflasers in vaginal surgery in general.  In fact, many who advertise the term “Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation” rarely use the laser doing a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.  Please go to www.ellman.com and read about their Surgitron units. It is impressive. I am Ellman’s pioneer in the use of their device for beautiful aesthetic vaginal surgery.  Previously, it was used in cosmetic surgery, dermatology, ENT, spine, and neurosurgery. In fact, this unit was the device used to separate the conjoined twins that were attached in the head just a few years ago! In my humble opinion, lasers in vaginal surgery have seen their best days in the past. Aside from resurfacing the vulva or vagina, it has no advantage over the Ellman but carries distinct disadvantages such as hot and damaging tips. Another disadvantage of the laser is cost. A good CO2 or Yag laser costs $30-$110,000. You can imagine the cost passed on to you. The Ellman costs much less, gives dramatic savings, enables office surgery, increased safety, increased precision, minimal tissue destruction, and rapid recovery. It is a difficult technology to beat. ~ Red M. Alinsod, M.D.

More and more plasticsurgeons, gynecologists, urologists, and urogynecologists are hearing about Dr. Alinsod’s consistent results and safety record using the Ellman Surgitron and SurgiMax. Many laser trained aesthetic gynecologists and plastic surgeons have quietly retired their 980 Diode lasers and have purchased an Ellman in hopes of mimicking Dr. Alinsod’s results. Several renown and prominent laser vaginal surgeons have taken Dr. Alinsod’s Master Course in Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery after spending $50-60,000 in a laser vaginal course. After initial impressions that lasers were effective in shrinking the vagina, surgeons soon realized that the 980 Diode laser was simply a very expensive cutting instrument with no significant advantage other than the glamorous marketing it was associated with. The lasers were found to be temperamental and tissue destructive with charred labias and vaginas resulting. Edge healing was compromised. The bubbling of the wound edges due to the immense heat the laser produced caused 2nd degree burns.  Totally unacceptable to these fine surgeons.  From New York to California, the switch to superior technology is on and a new Gold Standard is developing.


Watch a labiaplasty video using the Ellman.