WHAT WE ARE: Labiaplasty.net is a unique website aimed at educating its viewers on cosmetic labia and vaginal surgery.  It has a goal of being the unmatched resource for both patient and doctor.  It’s backbone of surgeons, web designers, engineers, and specialists have over a decade’s worth of experience and skill in helping you find the information you are searching for as it pertains to cosmetic vaginal and labial surgery.  Labiaplasty.net has a dual goal of finding the right surgeon for your particular needs in the area you are at.  We encourage open communications via any venue you find most comfortable, from email to telephone, from letters to eye-to-eye consultations. 

WHO WE ARE: We are highly skilled surgical sub-specialists in aesthetic vaginal surgery based in the United States and abroad.  Most of surgeons are trained by Dr. Alinsod, M.D. in the safe and modern approach to labial and vaginal surgery (Drs. Tom Easter, Oscar Aguirre, Edward Jacobson, Otto Placik, Martin Naughton, Elizabeth Hutson, Michael Safir, and Stefan Smajda).

WHAT WE DO: We specialize in aesthetic vaginal surgery exclusively.  We perform advanced and aesthetically pleasing labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, and reconstructive vaginal surgery.

WHY WE ARE UNIQUE: Our specialized skill-set is unique in that it enables one surgeon to integrate the skills of a gynecologist and plastic surgeon. We focus exclusively on labial and vaginal surgery.  Our practices are one of the very few internet based practices that offers secure communications with patients along with rapid response times.  Our collegial group of surgeons interact directly with each other in an effort to advance the art and science of aesthetic vaginal surgery. 

CARE PHILOSOPHY: Our staff offers timely, compassionate, and empathetic care. We provide you with personalized solutions best suited to meeting your individual needs. This reflects our ambitious efforts to cater to your desires and diligently meet your needs.

Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE
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